Montag, 29. August 2011


hello~ <3

this week we went to München (Munich) to the japanese general consulate, to apply the japanese nationality for Hiro.
I like München alot. My mum grew up and my grandma is still living there.
it's clean and not too big like Berlin, I think.
for a big city, München is giving me a pretty safe feeling.


right now, a friend is visiting us. 
she was working as Aupair in a family in our city and needed a place to stay for september.
Kaori presented us yummy matcha latte... 

 aaand she's so talented in cooking! (I think like all other japanese girls, too  -__-)
she made me one of my favourite food: ohagi (おはぎ)
and it tasted sooo like in Japan.
yum yum~  (❤___❤)

here a picture of me in my "natural style", cause someone asked me for ;)
(so yes, I'm not ill... just not wearing make up ;D)

I hope you all have a wonderful week~ ❤


  1. awww~ das bild mit deiner süßen tochter und deinem Freund ist sooo niedlich*_*
    das essen sieht lecker aus, auch wenn ich nicht weiß was das is^^' wie schön dass ihr Besuch habt :3

  2. oh ist sie da? alles gute für euch ! :D

  3. wahh echt süüß die kleinen :3
    und du bist soo hübsch auch ohne make up <3

  4. Maccya Latte.. musta tastyyyy! I only have tried those out at Star Bucks! I may have to buy one at somewhere hun! x) And lovely babies♪

  5. Nice pics!
    I always wanted to try that drink out.
    but don't know where to find it. looks super yummy and healthy.