Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

finally in Japan!

hello dear readers <3

we finally arrived save in Japan!

the trip was really exhausting, but it's so worth it!!!

I SO MISSED JAPAN!!!! (♥__♥)/

the weather is... well... so so...
daytime its pretty warm for october / november, but in the night its really really cold.
since yesterday its rainy and really foggy.
but I still love the countryside, we are living, for its so beautiful and mystical landscape! :3

here are some pictures from the way back home from the airport.

view out of the bus. bridge from kansai airport.


I'll upload some more pictures of the area here and other stuff, when we're fully unpacked, the wlan is finally con and I collected enough pictures, that it'll be worth a post (^__~)

take care everyone~ ❤

(/ >//< )/ <3

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

short update

hello ❤

I just wanted to say, that I'm so sorry, that I cant take the time to update my blog...
6 days left, until we fly back to japan and I have sooo unbelievable much stuff to do >__<
last saturday we moved out from our apartment and now we're living in my parents house for the rest of the week.
every tiny space in the living room is filled with our paper boxes and I'm busy with sorting out what we still do need, and what stuff I just can throw away... ( I wish it wouldnt have been THAT rapid desicion to move to Japan that early, so I could have had prepared much more stuff from the beginning.)
but I'm really looking forward to go back to Japan finally, and actually it cant be fast enough ;D
I really missed Japan alot...

when we're in Japan, I have much more stuff to post about and much more time to take pictures and so on ^^

I hope everyone of you is doing great and enjoying the first great golden autumn days, like I do.

take care~

Montag, 3. Oktober 2011


hello dear readers ~☆

omg! I'm so happy about already 37 followers! Thank you so much!

We fixed the date of our travel to Japan!
We booked a flight at the 24th of october!
That's so soon and I'm really looking forward to it!!!
we still have ALOT to do... :D

I bought some new shoes.
I actually wasn't sure, if I would wear them, cause I'm really tall and have really less self confidence about that, but I just loved them too much...

plus Eiji doesn't like them at all xD

we had Temakizushi (手巻すし) and Gyouza () this week. yum yum!!

ingredients for temakizushi

here some pics of us (exept for Eiji, cause he hates photos xD)


I wish you all a great week :3
take care~