Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011



He is finally born!!!
He's a boy and we gave him the name "Hiro" 
I gave birth on tuesday, 26th july at 10.36 am.
Hiro was 48 cm and had 3230 g

I am so glad, that he is healthy and that birth was without any complications!

Aya is such a good big sister to him!

Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

last days

hello girls ~ ♥

didn't use my laptop so long time...

the last days of being pregnant...
this Saturday is the estimated due date.
I'm really excited when the baby finally will decide to join our life ♥
I bet he's staying inside as long as possible on purpose, cause everyone said, that he will come more early than usual.
my belly feels like it's exploding any moment (^___~)

my friend made a plaster cast of my pregnant belly 
we just need to paint it ~

It's pretty cold outside... I feel sorry for everyone, who wanted to enjoy summer.
For me this kinda cold and rainy weather is a huge advantage. Cause of the hormones it's always pretty hot for me ^^"
But I'd love to go swimming in a lake too... so some really hot summer days would be really welcome!!!

are you enjoying your summer?

Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

just stuff

Hello everybody ~ :3

First of all thank you for following my rarely updated and pretty boring life ♥

At the moment I don't feel like blogging alot. Also dont really know about what.
There are not that much different topics right now, I can write about.
The main ones are just that I'm looking forward to give birth finally and to find new apartment.
Not that interessting xD

Also can't blog alot outfits, cause right now I'm a whale and that maternity clothes aren't very pretty at all (^___~)

 my sisters floral print dress, which I'm totally in love with...

Unfortunately it doesn't fit that good right now, so I'll give it another try and I'll wear stuff like this after I gave birth and lost all those extra weight ^^ (and then there will be full body outfit pics..)
So I'm really looking forward, when that "fat belly" is gone finally - and I can wear normal clothes again!! xD xD
(I think most high pregnant women are glad when it's "over" and tiered of their big belly, the pain and all that other stuff, which makes being pregnant the last days before giving birth a bit uncomfortable. ^^
Just looking forward to give birth and finally recieve, what youre waiting for so madly all that long 40 weeks is worth all this definetly ! ♥♥)

ah, and I found the battery charger of my digital camera. So there will be better quality pictures from now on...
bye bye bad-quality-iphone-pictures!!!!


aaaand I made huge goal for myself...
I started to learn japanese seriously...
well, let's see if my japanese is getting better the next weeks (^___~)

next time when I go to Japan, I want to be able to have at least a tiny conversation with Eiji's family... fight fight!!!

ah I miss Japan!!!


hope you all are enjoying the warmer days right now!