Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

new gets

 Hello my dears~♥

its already wednesday... the week is passing by so fast. Dont even really notice it.
today wasnt that hot. I am really really appreciating that... hahaha

well... I wanted to show you some things i bought or got as a present the last weeks...
if you want me to do an review of any of these things, then let me know ^^

 ok. here we go ^^
for my birthday, my parents presented me one of my most favourite fragrance: Chloé

And also this totally cute bracelet. They got me a boy and a girl and a heart. Coincidentally the two kids look a bit japanese xD

the first time i bought underwear in Japan. It was really cheap (one set 790Yen) and it actually fits pretty good.  (I didnt want to spend that much money, when I dont know if it will fit or not)
and I think all is really cute.
 a dress Eiji presented me for mothers day :3

my "Ni-chan" from Eiji for my birthday... 本とにありがとうBabyyyyy❤ ❤ ❤

 a cute doll made of wood from Kyoto from my parents

 lipsticks, BB cream and mascara I bought.

just some stuff from a 100 Yen shop (except the lip balm)

 my "perfect japanese houswife" apron.. hehehe

and last but not least my super brand new (f***ing cheap) running shoes.
I decided to start running, cause I lost enough weight, but I really want (need) to shape my body.
And I thought for the start that shoes would be totally fine, cause I dont know if running is my thing ;D
I will make an extra post about this soon...

Ah! One more thing...
Does anyone have an idea, where, here in Japan, I can get a cute Cosmetic Box with mirror in it?
I seriously need something, where I can stock my cosmetic and make up article.
(My little monsters LOVE to make a totally mess and throw my stuff around. Especially Aya loves to do herself  "make up" with my lipsticks etc......... argh xD)

look what was crawling on the street yesterday evening... isnt it totally adorable???? (*___*)

well have a great time everyone!


Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012


hello ladies~ ★

I just ate 4 (!) doughnuts from mister donut.

like I promised here some pics with my beloved camera.
I cant believe the quality is so much better than my cell phone.. lol

I took some pics to test my new baby.
all this are objects I discovered around our house ^^
and of course my two babies ♥  and me

well, nothing special happened.
Ill go and cook dinner now.

Have a great sunday!!!


Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

newstart and pic spam

ok... I am back.
I deleted my facebook account. And since I was used to poste everything there, I really kind of forgot about this blog.
AND I FINALLY have a laptop again. That means I can poste comments and watch other blogs without any problems finally again.
I also got a super great SLR camera. So I can poste much more pics from my life on the countryside in Japan....

My parents (and as a surprise for me - also my beloved sister ❤) came to Japan 3 weeks ago!
It was such a great time! But of course much too short. They stayed 2 weeks. And now I miss them even worse...

well here are some pics... (sorry for the bad quality. All pics are taken with my cell phone)

in the Bihoku Hillside Park in Shobara Shi

 in ASA ZOO Hiroshima

atomic bomb dome, Hiroshimaand Okonomiyaki Hiroshima style. My favourite.

japanese theater

Miyajima shrine, Hiroshima
(what a pitty they were fixing it, in the time we wanted to visit it... )

Purikura with my lovely sister :3
(it was the 3rd time for me, and the first time for my sister... so we arent purikura professionals at all  LOL)

golden temple, Kyoto

 my pyjama in the hotel, Osaka. ^^
few from our hotel room...
Osaka castle.

Shinto wedding in front of a shrine, Osaka. (i LOVE shinto weddings. so beautiful...)

I actually didnt make a lot pictures at all... my cell phones quality is pretty worse (as you can tell)
(my dad will send me all his pics, and then maybe I will make another post about this.)


Hope everybody is having a great summer!
Here it is definetely summer already!!!!!! 
Even though its the rainy season with typhoons and a lot of rainy days.
It is usually ultra hot and humid.