Montag, 29. August 2011


hello~ <3

this week we went to München (Munich) to the japanese general consulate, to apply the japanese nationality for Hiro.
I like München alot. My mum grew up and my grandma is still living there.
it's clean and not too big like Berlin, I think.
for a big city, München is giving me a pretty safe feeling.


right now, a friend is visiting us. 
she was working as Aupair in a family in our city and needed a place to stay for september.
Kaori presented us yummy matcha latte... 

 aaand she's so talented in cooking! (I think like all other japanese girls, too  -__-)
she made me one of my favourite food: ohagi (おはぎ)
and it tasted sooo like in Japan.
yum yum~  (❤___❤)

here a picture of me in my "natural style", cause someone asked me for ;)
(so yes, I'm not ill... just not wearing make up ;D)

I hope you all have a wonderful week~ ❤

Samstag, 20. August 2011

Allgäuer Festwoche

hello~  ♥

(warning: picture spam ^^)

yesterday we went to the "Allgäuer Festwoche" in Kempten.
it`s one of the 10 biggest exhibitions for economy and consumer in Germany.
since 1949 the yearly event has around 100.000 visitors a day, and its actually the biggest social event in the whole Allgäu.
(now you all know that im living with all the cows in the Allgäu... xD)
like it's tradition, (nearly) everyone is wearing the traditional dress (called "Dirndl" for the girls and "Lederhosen" (leather breeches) for the guys), which is worn in Bavaria and in Austria.
so did I ^^

my sister, Eiji, Aya, Hiro and me went there in the afternoon and had really great weather...
it was so hot...
usually in the evening it's much less boring xD... cause all young people are gathering there to drink tons of beer and have just fun and party. 
daytime you can watch the exhibition and eat alot of typical bavarian / allgäuer food.


thank you everybody for all the comments always :3 ♥♥

have a great weekend ~ <3

Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

packet and haircut ~

hello girls~ :3

yesterday we got a packet from Eijis mum.
ありがとうございます、英二のお母さん! ❤
in the packet were super cute clothes for Aya and Hiro ♥
and alot of my favourite yummy food :3
yum yum ~
on picture can't see the great 3D effect at all ;____;

I got a haircut last friday
and decided to cut my bangs.. 
still not satisfied with my hair...
I want do dye my hair much lighter so madly (maybe even blond), 
and I want some extentions, to get more length and volume...

please ignore the huge shades under my eyes (and my weird face expression)...
I got really less sleep the last days... (-___-)

aaand I want to change my make up
want to try out something new...
maybe even fake eyelashes or something
circle lenses look so great on other girls...
but I'm too scared to try them on, cause I heard they are damaging the eyes... :(
I'm tiered to look into the mirror - and see always the same boring me... (-___-)
someone has an idea what could fit to me?
give me an advice!!! :)

 finally it seems like the summer decided not to disappoint us anymore...
at least in the south of germany its really sunny and even kinda hot..

and thank you all for 25 followers! :3

Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

outfit post

hey everybody~ 

first of all: yaaaaaaaay!!! I've 20 great followers!(^___~)
Thank you so much!!

I made some random pics of some outfits...
Sorry for the bad quality and the messy background

onepiece: H&M

blouse and skirt: H&M

onepiece: H&M

I actually don't need glasses and I'm not sure if they fit to me, but sometimes  I like to wear them..

necklace: Christian Dior, shirt: H&M, glasses: from Japan

I'm not satisfied with my current clothes...
nearly everything boring and old. (or doesn't fit anymore~ lol)
I would love to go shopping and buy some gorgeous clothes in Japan...
especially something from liz lisa or other cute things :3
buuuuut I've to save money, cause we will move back to Japan in early early future!!!:3

hmm~ what else to tell?
I'm really super sleepy... xD
the last two nights were really exhausting.
Hiro woke up all the time in really short intervals  ;____;

today is much better weather than the last rainy days / weeks :D
I can't believe the sun is shining...
hope everyone has a great day!

Sonntag, 7. August 2011


hello girls~ :3

from google
you guys have no real summer, too??
I was really looking forward to go to a lake or do some other "summer stuff"!
and now its just rainy every day.
and the mood outside is a bit too dark for that it is august ^^
but at least it's pretty warm.
so could be even worse (^___~)

on tuesday Hiro is turning 2 weeks already...
time is passing so fast... unbelievable...

he is such a good boy. 
very calm and sleeping alot!
totally different than Aya 
she was pretty exhausting xD xD

I have to work on my body...
my belly is doing pretty good (for that that I gave birth not even 2 weeks ago)
but I dont fit in some of my old trousers... xD
I'll have a long war with my fat ass and hips (^___~)
which will not be easy to win, since I LOVE eating and HATE doing sports...

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend :3