Montag, 28. November 2011

❤ Ayas birthday

alot happened the last days.
experienced my first M5.4 earthquake some days ago ^^
and yesterday we celebrated Ayas 2nd birthday.

 we ate tonnnns of super yummy cakes yum yum

it was a really nice day. we went to the best confectionery here in the area.
I LOVE japanese cakes. they're so beautiful and super delicious and care so much details... ~
I secretly made some pictures ;D
but only one turned out to be not that blurry...
so here are some pictures of yesterday
blurry but happy Hiro :D

and some pictures of the last days


hope everybody is doing great~

Sonntag, 20. November 2011

last days

hello my dears ~

first of all thank you so much for reading and commenting my posts!!! :3
I'm not very talented in writing interesting or funny storys, so I'm really happy, that I have so much followers
and sorry, that I suck reading and commenting all your blogs right now... m(__)m

the weather became really pretty nippy, rainy and windy the last days... ;___;
its not fun to go outside at all...
and inside its sometimes not thaaat comfortable too ^^
we are living in an 200 years old traditional ninja house which doesnt hold the warm air at all... so in winter its usually pretty damn cold in the rooms.
I miss the german heating system xD
but thankfully there is a kotatsu ( 炬燵) in every room xD. I love it :D

our garden

or see some pics from the house and surrounding from last year HERE

we actually were'nt doing alot the last days. we went to pick up my Alien Registration Card and Hiros japanese Passport, went shopping in the new built 24 hours Supermarket and visited the hotel in the town for having coffee and delicious cake :3 nom nom
so here are some pics of the last days...

trying to wink... lol
Eiji`s brothers working shirt. He's Okonomiyaki cook *___*
Dango (団子) :3

sorry for the creepy pics, but my iPhone makes mostly weird coloured, blurry pics :/
Im saving money for a digital SLR camera

aaah... I want to make some purikura....
already nearly one month in Japan and didnt even go near a puri machine ;___;
Eiji hates them... so I would be alone xD
Nobody out there who wants to make some with me???

well its already nearly 3 am and I'm going to sleep now
Hiro can be really cruel, when he wakes up hungry xD

have a nice weekend, everyone (//><\\)~

Montag, 14. November 2011


(๑╹◡╹๑ )/

hello everyone... :3
we had a busy week.
and I got a new haircut. totally spontaneous Eijis brother came home from work and decided to cut my hair at 11:30 pm xD
this is the result:

since I gave birth to Aya and Hiro, my hips became HUGE...
so I usually gave it up to wear something short or something which brings out the figure alot xD
and since I'm in Japan its even worse... haha
everyone is so super skinny here o_ô
but I'm really in love with that tights... :3

so here is my brave outfit xD xD
 (when I stopped feeding Hiro, I have to make a diet xD)

 aaand when I'm making an ego pic entry already, here is a picture with my eye make up...

and since I'm in Japan, so of course there have to be some pictures from food ♥ yum yum
I so love love love anko *__*

 I wish everyone a nice week~

take care!


Freitag, 4. November 2011

picture post

Hallo meine Lieben ~ 

since I dont have time to post alot right now, but still wanted to keep you guys informed. So I decided to do a little picture post. :D
I was really busy this week to go to different offices in the city to do some important stuff like my Alien registration Card, Hiros japanese passport, and our health insurances.
Even though all that things are much more convenient than in Germany, its also alot paper stuff to do (^__~)

so just a totally random post ^^
well so here we go:


commercial for christmas cakes from seveneleven

homemade ramen :3

I kinda liked the light in that toilet - super flashy xD

yeah.. we're really living on countryside xD

our futon (布団)

yum yum~

I hope that gave you a small impression to my daily life here in japan ♥

thank you for stopping by~ :3

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

finally in Japan!

hello dear readers <3

we finally arrived save in Japan!

the trip was really exhausting, but it's so worth it!!!

I SO MISSED JAPAN!!!! (♥__♥)/

the weather is... well... so so...
daytime its pretty warm for october / november, but in the night its really really cold.
since yesterday its rainy and really foggy.
but I still love the countryside, we are living, for its so beautiful and mystical landscape! :3

here are some pictures from the way back home from the airport.

view out of the bus. bridge from kansai airport.


I'll upload some more pictures of the area here and other stuff, when we're fully unpacked, the wlan is finally con and I collected enough pictures, that it'll be worth a post (^__~)

take care everyone~ ❤

(/ >//< )/ <3