Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

food ❤

hello girls ❤

I'm sorry, but right now I dont have really time for my blog. (:___:)
Busy with my two babies and with preparing stuff and things for leaving to Japan.
For the next post I will take some more time again!
so I'm just posting some pictures of some food we cooked and hot chocolate I drunk...^^

Eiji is so mean xD
I bought some cheap fake eyelashes, to try out, if it would fit to me.
He was kidding on me whole day already with showing me his closed hands, to make me believe there's a spider or something like this in it. of course there wasn't.
but then suddenly, after I returned the room, he showed me his hands again, and then throwed this thing on me...

I got an heart attack, and he laughed as hell, when I was screaming and jumping around like stupid...
(I really have an insect phobia..)

turned out, he just damaged my fake eyelashes, to transform them into a disgusting insect ...


I went shopping a bit. But I will show you the things next posts.
take care everyone~


Samstag, 17. September 2011

gel eyeliner review

 Hello (๑╹◡╹๑ )
sorry for not blogging so long time..
my two babies are keeping me pretty busy (^__~)

today I'm trying to write my first review bout gel eyeliner.
Eiji bought me the lasting Drama gel eyeliner 24h from Maybelline New York in 01 intense black.
since my makeup usually just made of eyeliner and mascare, I was really curious how it will work and turn out, cause I never used gel eyeliner before...
the price was about 8 or 9 €.
packing includes the gel eyeliner and a little brush.
my eye without make up
 I have to say, that I didnt spend much time for using this gel eyeliner (as you can see, I could have worked much more cleaner and more exact.)
with gel eyeliner & mascara
with "daylight"
the gel eyeliner has a very soft texture. it's very easy to apply. the colour is coming super
strong and is covering  pretty good.
the only thing is, if you paint again over the same area when the gel eyeliner isnt dried fully, then it could remove some colour you applied before.
the package tells to clean the brush with a dry tissue after use and not to leave the gel eyeliner open more than necessary.

for the 24h lasting I have to say, when you just leave your eye alone, or just try to wipe a bit, the it actually stays pretty good.
You can remove it with water and soap, or with normal make up remover without any problems.

so before you spend alot of money for much more expensive gel eyeliners, give it a try.
cause actually I'm pretty satisfied.
me wearing the gel eyeliner

I hope you are all doing fine.

take care

Sonntag, 4. September 2011


hello   O(≧∇≦)O

we made some big steps this week
I canceled the contraction for our apartment!
(this feels so weird...)
and we started to sort the stuff we still need, or don't need anymore...
still alot to do..
looks like I'll leave germany in the end of october 
- and Eiji as soon as possible... (= in some days)    。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

we ate alot yummy food this week...


I got told, that in germany people have two styles:
a "home wear"-style and a "going out"-style
and I have to admid, in my case it's kind of true...
if I just stay at home I rarely do time-consuming make up.
especially now with the two kids...
in japan they usually take care about their looking - even at home.
I should work on me  ∩( -ω-)∩

typical home wear outfit ^^
alles H&M

I'll sleep now.
it's so rare, that my babies are sleeping at the same time (^___~)
good night