Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011


Hello everyone~ ★

I cant stop watching 風の谷のナウシカ
Really love this movie. Especially the music.

Alot to think about in the last time...
Stuff which makes me really sad.
But I dont want to give up... Its what Im living for... my dream.
If you believe in the good things and in love, then its never too late...

And this movie helps me alot, cause I really can relax ...
I'm listening in japanese, with german subtitles, cause I try to understand some japanese...
(and cause the german dubbing sucks...)
 maybe one day I hopefully dont need subtitles anymore ;]

My parents are in spain right now... (;___;)
It was planned, that we join too, but the doctor told me to stay at home.

Still searching for an apartment... -__-
looks like kinda impossible

I like pink lipstick... :3
sorry for not doing my hair...

thinking about to use some false lashes sometimes..
and to change the way to do make up...
bored of my way...
wanna try something new~

nothing else to say..
this is all for now 

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  1. Ja, ich glaube falsch Wimpern würden dir unglaublich gut stehen, ganz im Gegensatz zu mir, haha. ich hab schon total Angst dass ich so failen werde, ich frag mich die ganze Zeit warim die ausgerechnet mich sponsoren wollten, dabei gibt es eine Menge geeignetere Kandidaten XDD

    Ich liebe auch diese alten Anime, ich könnte den ganzen Tag vor der Glotze hängen ;)